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Wildcard Weekend- Year of the Dragon 2012 edition

Monday the 23rd kicks off the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese lunar calender.  My first thought for Wildcard Weekend was the legendary “Dragon Flag” abdominal exercise . But after review, I figured that I might give you something slightly less scary.


This weekend-


Jumping jacks 20 reps

Squat thrusts (Burpees) 5 reps

Side crunches 15 rep each side

Side leg lifts 10 each side

Fire hydrants 8 each side

Star jumps 5

Beginners do 3 circuits, intermediate folks go for 4, and advanced folks go for 5.

Wildcard Weekend

The idea behind Wildcard Weekend is simple. Most workout programs have either cardio or rest days scheduled for the weekend. Wildcard Weekend gives you a random selection of exercises. Sometime during the weekend, crank out a brief 15-20 minute workout. This is a chance to have some fun. Bring your kids to the park and have some play time. Invite a friend to join you. The key is integrating a fun, potentially challenging break into your day.

This weekend:

Jumping jacks 20

Bodyweight squats (wide stance) 12

Narrow pushups (bring your arms in closer to your body) 6

Wall sits 20 seconds

Reach ups 8

Dips (using a bench or chair) 8

Thirty seconds rest, repeat the circuit 3 times for beginners, 4 times for intermediate, 5 times for advanced.

Remember, this is a body weight workout. So no need to hit the gym. You can do this in your living room. Have fun, and let me know how you do!