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That first training session, no pain no gain?

Courtesy of the awesome Dave Kellett

There’s this tendency to think that no pain, no gain means you need to kill yourself on the first workout. Not so. Killing yourself on the first workout is a good way to ensure that you don’t try for a second. You don’t need to vomit on your first workout. You don’t need to pass out. You don’t need to hobble out of the gym.

That first workout with a trainer may seem short. The goal isn’t to break you. The goal is to orient you to basic movements and assess where you are. The last thing your trainer wants to do is scare you into not coming back. Don’t worry if the first couple of workouts don’t seem hard enough. Your trainer is building you up gradually to reduce the possibility of injury and general terror. The hard work will come. It just doesn’t always need to show up day one.