The power of reflection

In fitness and wellness there’s a huge emphasis on looking forward. It’s critical to long term success to not get bogged down in your past missteps, to reflect deeply on the missed chances, or to punish yourself for mistakes. Yet it’s also important to remember that to understand where you’re going, an occasional look back is needed.

Change isn’t static. It’s constantly happening, and with that change and growth you will find you aren’t the same individual in many ways. You still need to be able to look back and honor the person you were. Look back at the old snapshots of you when you were unhappy and unhealthy. Understand that you were that person, and that you still have pieces of that person in you. Don’t just ignore her. Honor her. Thank her for being strong enough to keep hanging on, for being able to try just one more time.

Celebrate that strength. Remember how hard it was to get here. Commit to finding a way to keep moving forward.

Love the person you were as much as you love who you are.


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