Monthly Archives: October 2012

Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

Gary Allen wrote this song about the death of his wife in 2004. It’s a powerful song about grief and the reality that life can and will go on. As hard as things are, as much as it hurts, they will improve.

You don’t have to walk around with a relentlessly positive attitude when things are going wrong. It’s okay to be upset, angry, and frustrated with the situation. The thing to remember is that you still need to find a way to go through the motions of life. That includes your workouts and eating right. I promise you that throwing your own health to the side in a moment of crisis will not make things better. Because eventually you are going to have to get back to work and get on with your life. All the progress you made will be wasted, and you get to start over again.

Yes this moment in time hurts. But at the end of the day, there are wonderful things around you. Eventually you’ll see the wonder again. You will enjoy doing things with other. You will find meaning. Every second of life isn’t supposed to be beautiful and perfect. But at the end of the day, the joy is in the ride. Make your life a good one.