Monthly Archives: February 2012

To stop starting over, stop quitting


Life does not come with a rewind button.

It’s been a little over a month since you started your new workout program. That initial gloss is gone and you are learning a hard truth. Doing this is hard. It takes work, and sometimes serious effort to get those workouts in. You miss some meals, you miss some workouts.

Now that big fancy fitness challenge you are doing has some gaps in the record. You don’t have a string of gold stars anymore. Obviously if you don’t have all gold stars, you won’t get perfect results! This is a catastrophe! It must be fixed! I know, the best way to fix this is to restart my fitness challenge right? Because if I don’t get it perfect, it doesn’t matter.

Stop right there. Think about this for a minute. What in your life is actually perfect? Odd are, not a thing. That’s because perfection isn’t a place that any of us can remain at. Change is by it’s very nature an imperfect thing. You are going to fail, you are going to make mistakes. That’s how you learn and grow. Trying to achieve a perfect challenge doesn’t make your result perfect. It just means you got lucky.

Learning how to shake off bad days and bad weeks is a critical component to making fitness a true lifelong habit. When things go wrong, you can’t go backwards to fix them. Time doesn’t move that way. It only goes forward.

Pick up where you left off. Go forward. The only way for you to stop starting over is to stop quitting in midstream because things are not perfect.

So get off the couch and go do a workout. I don’t care how many days you missed. I care what you do today.