Working around injury part 1


I managed to get a nice cut on my hand at my part time gig. No stitches required, but due to location, it’s caused some issues with my scheduled workout progressions. Injury and illness are part of life. It’s critical to know when to ease up and when to push through.

In this case pushing results is reopening the cut and extending the healing time. Sure I can do 1 armed workouts, but why? It’s easier and safer to give the hand a few extra days to heal and make sure I stay active.I don’t need to pick up an odd infection at the gym. I shifted my resistance workouts to minimize lifting and ejected to do some additional cardio this week.

When you are faced with illness or injury how do you chose to deal with your workouts? Comment below.


One response to “Working around injury part 1

  • Christina G.

    I choose to modify workouts rather than skip them. Way back when I used to be a runner. I had my share of injuries and a most excellent coach and trainer who were very helpful in teaching me how to amend my workouts appropriately. Looks like their advice stuck all these years later!

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