There’s never a good time for the vacuum to die

onstantly on folks about the importance of doing the important things in the day first. In the case of losing weight, this means you workout needs doing ASAP. Why? Because life happens.

Case in point. Today I got up and discovered that one of the cats had decided to explode the kibble dish all over the living room. In the interests of my sanity, I elected to vacuum up the kibble before I did anything else. I hauled out the battered vacuum cleaner, turned it on, and promptly heard the sound of the motor burning out accompanied by the smell of burning rubber bits. So I’ve got a dead vacuum cleaner, cleaning powder all over the floor, and kibble scattered from here to Timbuktu. In short, I’ve got a mess to deal with at a very inconvenient time.

Now honestly, when is it a good time for the vacuum to die? It always happens while you are needing to clean something. The same thing happens with your workouts. Without fail, something happens during the day that interrupts your schedule. The boss needs a report from you. A deadline is looming and you’ve lost a half a day’s work due to circumstances beyond your control. The kid walked out the door without her coat and it’s going to drop down to 30 degrees by the time school is out. Life happens. The question is, what do you do?

The key is to keep moving. Curse the vacuum and horrible timing. Do not waste 10 hours researching cheap vacuum options. Identify the closest place which sells vacuums and go. Purchase what you need. Not what’s perfect, what you need. Then go home and finish vacuuming the blasted carpet.

It took an hour out of my day to cuss, pull on jeans, and head to Walmart for a new vacuum cleaner. Is it the best possible cleaner? Nope. It’s going to get the job done. Have I possibly wasted a little money? Maybe. I’ll probably replace it again down the road. But my time spent on workouts, and my business is a lot more important than the $40 I may save by doing perfect vacuum research for 10 hours.

I fixed the problem, and moved right on to the next priority event on my list for the day. Once I finish up this, it’s time to get in my delayed workout. Doing that puts me back on track for the day. It has the added bonus of dropping any residual stress.

Life happens, don’t let the unexpected moments detour you from your end goal. Fix the immediate problem, then get right back on schedule. Do not compound the frustration by missing additional tasks. Honor your self promises and get those priority tasks done!


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