Wildcard Weekend

The idea behind Wildcard Weekend is simple. Most workout programs have either cardio or rest days scheduled for the weekend. Wildcard Weekend gives you a random selection of exercises. Sometime during the weekend, crank out a brief 15-20 minute workout. This is a chance to have some fun. Bring your kids to the park and have some play time. Invite a friend to join you. The key is integrating a fun, potentially challenging break into your day.

This weekend:

Jumping jacks 20

Bodyweight squats (wide stance) 12

Narrow pushups (bring your arms in closer to your body) 6

Wall sits 20 seconds

Reach ups 8

Dips (using a bench or chair) 8

Thirty seconds rest, repeat the circuit 3 times for beginners, 4 times for intermediate, 5 times for advanced.

Remember, this is a body weight workout. So no need to hit the gym. You can do this in your living room. Have fun, and let me know how you do!


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