Wacky Wednesday

courtesy of Denise Taylor

Building a healthy body and life isn’t just about fixing the outside. It’s about working on the inside as well.

Inspirational speaker Denise Taylor is a living example of this. When her daughter Jonnae Taylor was dealing with treatment for leukemia, Denise battled to keep her body and mind fit. The idea of Wacky Wednesday came from a desire to bring joy to children stuck in the wards of childrens hospitals. These kids battle life threatening diseases. Denise and Jonnae would wear funny hats, wacky glasses, and generally make an effort to bring some silly into a scary, serious world.

Jonnae lost her battle with leukemia, but her spirit carries on through the We Get To program and Wacky Wednesday. 

Life doesn’t always have to be serious and painful. Bring joy to the life of another and learn to not take everything so darned seriously! Laughter is great exercise!



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