When did you start putting yourself last?

Who were you before you out yourself last? At some point in time, things changed. You stopped looking at your own dreams and needs and began focusing on others. It seemed like the right thing. After all, being selfish isn’t a good thing. Society tells us that over and over. As an employee, you need to work hard for your employer. As a spouse, you need to be attentive to the needs of your other. A parent is the center of his child’s word, and naturally the needs of the child always come first.


Society considers these truths to be close to gospel. So somewhere along the way, you shifted from first to last. Who were you? Were you a talented musician who gave up a dream to get a real job? Were you an athlete who finished up your glory days in college and found yourself adrift, no real direction? Were you the dedicated professional who shifted from being the boss at work to being a stay at home mom? You look back into the past and feel the tug of what used to be.


Maybe you never put yourself first at all. For a moment, think about who you would like to be. Confident, strong, in control of your life; all the things you aren’t now.


Getting control of your health and fitness is the ultimate selfish act. It requires that you put your needs in front of just about everything. This is one of the reasons people fail. There’s a belief that this type of selfish behavior is wrong. It somehow hurts others. Now sure in the short run it may cause issues. Being late to work because you were at the gym may cause some stress with the boss. That stress is offset by the fact that you are sharper and more alert in meetings. Your spouse may think you are cheating on them when you hit the gym. Take them with you and watch your relationship grow and strengthen. Your kids discover that you aren’t at their beck and call. They learn to be responsible and not wait until 9pm on Sunday to let you know they have a project due. They learn healthy eating habits and avoid a lifetime of health issues.


Who were you before you started putting yourself last? In a way it doesn’t matter. What matters is the person you become when you learn to put yourself first. You become the athlete, the musician, and the power CEO. You find strength you never imagined possible as you lift up the others around you. Putting yourself first allows you to become someone remarkable.


Are you ready to be remarkable?


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