New Year, New You

Resolution- a word which means promises I won’t keep. Don’t resolve. Plan and execute. Make your dreams happen.

It’s the beginning of the new year, and the world over people are resolving to make positive changes in their lives. Right now you are doing the same thing. Like you have every year, you are sitting down with paper and pen, writing up a list of things to change. It may be losing weight. It may be improving your fitness. It’s something that you’ve been working on for years.

The sure fire way to continue to make and break resolutions is to keep doing what you’ve done before. This year, take a different approach. Before you sit down to write up your resolutions, take a moment to write down 10 reasons why you failed last year.

Don’t sugar coat it. Don’t make excuses. Just write down 10 reasons why you didn’t achieve your goals last year.

This is your road map for the new year. You now know the things which have a high potential to trip you up. Look at those reasons. How often have you been forced to put your plans aside for someone else? It doesn’t matter who that person is. It can be your boss, spouse, or kid. The bottom line is that you are putting your needs last.

Now take out your pen and start you resolution list. Look at those promises you want to make in the new year. Now throw that list away. Resolutions are promises that people never seem to keep. You don’t want to do that this year. You want to make these promises stick.

Take you list of 10 reasons you failed. Reason 1- I kept putting myself last. Rewrite that.

This year I WILL put myself first.

Now tell me how.

I will put myself first by scheduling my workout like it’s an appointment. Just like I don’t skip on appointments with clients, I am not skipping an appointment with myself. 

I wil put myself first by saying ‘NO’ to people who mean well, but don’t really have my best interests at heart. That little bit of pasta you want me to try? I can’t do that. Not yet. 

I will put myself first and remember that an emergency means someone is in danger of being dead. If that ain’t happening, I have enough time to finish my workout. 

The path to your success isn’t going to be found in the pages of a new workout book. It’s not something you can like on Facebook. The path will be found when you look back at your failures. That’s where you start.

So tell me what your list looks like.


5 responses to “New Year, New You

  • Suzy Seibert

    Thanks,Clara. Good blog — thought-provoking, action-inspiring. I am thinking about why I failed last year. I took about 25 pounds off, got in shape, ran the 10-mile race in DC in April, and then after that, self-destructed the rest of the year. Now to examine why. In part, some injuries, some travels, but mostly bad eating. I think I rebelled from the regimen that had worked so well for me from about November 2010 through April 2011. It seemed too hard, too demanding. After losing the weight, I wanted to lose 20 more pounds, but I also felt like I could go back to my old ways and still be fine — I didn’t know how to be an 85er. In Tennessee, I learned much more on this subject. I was fired up, ready to change! But I was also under tremendous work deadline pressures, and I grabbed the empty-calories fast food fixes a lot — plus the Pepsi. Somehow I lost the weight before, avoiding fast foods, drinking Pepsi in great moderation, and exercising faithfully. I DNF in this current challenge just ending on BFL Spirit because too much stuff was going on and I was challenged on many fronts, especially work.

    Lessons I have learned:
    1. I am a convenience and stress eater.
    2. I have to gain dominion over Pepsi.
    3. I CAN succeed in a challenge: I have succeeded in challenges, even less than a year ago.
    4. I think I might do well to do a new year’s challenge and then work to maintain the weight loss and muscle tone and athletic gains for at least three months, applying the 3-pound rule — never letting myself get above three pounds of my end-of-challenge weight. Then, if it feels right, start a new challenge to tackle the next round of weight loss and fitness goals. If not, maintain the loss from the first challenge until New Year’s Challenge 2013, then go after the next round of improvements.
    5. I really think what freaked me was not wanting to do a back-to-back challenge and then gradually falling into old, bad habits.

    So, I am getting mentally and physically prepared for the new challenge start in a week.

    And, yes, I have made resolutions! LOL And I will keep them because I am planning and executing them right now.

    Sending you hugs. You are an inspiration to all of us. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Clara K. Showalter

      That sounds like a good start. Now look a bit deeper. How likely is it that work will get crazy this year? What are things you can plan for which help you avoid losing control?

      Can you shift workouts to earlier in the day? Even if it’s only 20 minutes of weights or cardio?

      Can you build in 10 minutes of night before planning? Set up meals for the next day. Put out your clothes. Write up a workout.

  • Suzy Seibert

    It is very likely that work will get crazy as soon as next Monday, especially since I have been on vacation.

    I can watch and plan meals more carefully — have stocked up on RTDs and energy bars, plus I have my EAS whey protein from TN and hand blender, so I can fuel myself better, even when downtown or on the road.

    I can get in at least 10 minutes (will try to establish 20 minutes) in the morning for weights/cardio/both, come hell or high water. On the days which are jammed crazy for work, if I combine exercise with listening to my Bible lesson early in the day (28 minutes), it could work.

    I am starting to do the night-before planning; am formalizing this as you suggested: setting up my meals (on paper/in the kitchen), putting out my clothes, writing up or using an already written up workout from Lifetime or BFL or other source (our wild women, Michelle S and Debbie MO).

    • Clara K. Showalter

      Also consider things which eliminate excuses. Put meal windows on your Outlook. Have ready made meals at your desk. No excuse if you get caught on a phone call. It’s right there.

      • Suzy Seibert

        Just did my workout — AT HOME! First time I have used my home gym in months — felt great and saved me time going to the gym. Will augment if/when I get to gym tonight — with a couple of my favorite pull-down machines for back and triceps.

        Not a problem about getting meals from fridge/kitchen when I am home and on a call (cordless phones plus prep before teleconferences). But need to better identify and alert myself to WHEN to eat. Will experiment setting up alarms on iCal (if it has them) and watch and/or body media device. I don’t eat at the right times. I need a better system. Thank you for identifying that piece of the dynamics to successful lifestyle changes.

        *thank you!*

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